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An "eye graph" (pie graph) visual displaying the data I collected about my sleep quality.

The key of my "eye graph" (pie graph) visual for my data collection.

boot scan025.jpg
A legend/key to understand the visualization of "Week of Swearing" by Brandon Conboy.

boot scan024.jpg
Visualization of my cursing habits in various situations that I do almost on a daily basis during a week long period

Key for data visualization

Documentation of water consumption

This graph divides each calendar year into 12 "slices", one for each month. Arctic sea ice extent is plotted for each day of the year,
moving clockwise around the graph and taking one full year to complete a circuit.

The back of the graph, in which I recorded every ounce of fluid I put into my body.

The amount of fluids collected over a week recorded into a spiral graph plot.
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